Below are our revised raiding guidelines for Mists Of Pandaria. We have made every effort to cover major areas pertaining to raiding, ranks, and loot, including the guild's code of conduct that should be adhered to by all members of idiocracy. These guidelines are meant to provide a framework from which we can reference in order to ensure that our members enjoy an organized, efficient, and satisfying raiding environment.



Raiding Schedule

Our raiding schedule for Mists of Pandaria will be as follows:

1. Sunday 7:30pm to 10:30pm*

2. Tuesday 7:30pm to 10:30pm*

3. Wednesday 7:30pm to 10:30pm*

All times are server time, Central Standard Time.

* 15 minutes may be appended to the end of these raids for the sake of raid completion (i.e. killing a new boss, preparing ourselves for the next raid by testing the mechanics of a new boss encounter, etc.).




1. Tryout period will be two weeks from date of joining. From then on, date joined will be typed into officer notes.

2. During Tryout period, a new member must maintain 100% attendance for all official raids. The new member must attend/be available on Wait List the full duration of the run, from 7:00 to 10:00 server, unless RL/Officers call the raid early or cancel a raid.

3. Tryouts will be evaluated on the same guidelines set out in the Raider section below.



1. A Tryout will be eligible for promotion to Raider after 2 weeks if he/she has fulfilled the attendance and performance requirements.

2. Raiders are expected to continuously excel at the following:

a. Overall Attitude - Positive, helpful, courteous, willing to learn, considerate and respectful of guildies and of the guild as a whole.

b. Raiding Attitude - Behaves with integrity with regard to loot distribution. Exhibits calmness and patience, extends courtesy and respect to raid members. Refrains from strong language during frustrating encounters. Acts as a team player, communicating and cooperating with other raiders to enhance raid performance.

c. Raiding Preperation - Researches every boss encounter before raids. Comes prepared for raids with full consumables, fully gemmed and enchated gear, and the appropriate talent specs. Researches and understands how to maximize the performance of his/her class.

d. Raiding Performance - Shows up to raids on time and pays attention throughout the raid. Performs at a consistenly high level during every boss attempt. Understands and performs given roles and responsibilities in different enounters.

e. Attendance - Maintains 90% attendance record.




1. Casuals are friends of Raiders or long term members of idiocracy.

2. Casuals will not be invited to official idiocracy raids, but are free to participate in raids outside of idiocracy.

3. If a Casual member wishes to be considered for a raiding position, he/she will be treated as a new guild applicant and must go through the application and tryout process.

4. Casuals still have an obligation to respect fellow idiocracy members and to represent the guild in a positive and mature manner at all times.



1. All current members of idiocracy can request to have their alts invited to the guild at any time.

2. There is no limit to the number of alts that a member can have in the guild.


Rank Status

1. Tryouts are recruited specifically to fulfill the needs of our raids. During the Tryout period, Tryouts enjoy similar rights and privileges given to Raiders and Provisional Raiders, with a few exceptions as stated in the following points.

2. Raid Spots - Under normal circumstances, Raiders will have priority over Tryouts, unless otherwise decided by the officers or Raid Leader. Raid Spots are given out based not ONLY on rank; Raid Leader and Officers place equal emphasis on class composition required, gear needs of various members, opportunity for members to gain raiding experience, unique abilities, skills, specialization, etc.

3. Loot Priority - Raiders have priority over Tryouts.

4. Members of any rank who may need to take an extended break must inform us via the guild forums of their intentions with reasonable notice. Their rank will be reviewed on a case by case basis (including demotion), depending on the circumstances and the expected length of absence. As an example, someone who informs the guild three weeks prior to taking a one week vacation will be viewed much more favorably than someone who tells us one day prior to taking a three month break as we may need to recruit someone or respecialize someone to fill in for them while they are away. Additionally, if a guild member is leaving WoW or has an unexplained absence greater than 6 months, their characters may be removed from the guild.

5. Members of any rank who wish to respecialize (e.g. from Elemental to Enhancement Shaman or from Holy to Protection Paladin), or switch their mains to another character must make their intentions known at least 3 weeks before making the change or switch. Be aware that these changes may result in demotion. Exceptions to the above will be made for members who are requested by the Officers or Raid Leader to respecialize for specific encounters, or members who are asked by officers to switch their mains.

6. Apart from fulfilling the above requirements to maintain ranks, members of all ranks are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Misconduct (including but not limited to extreme rudeness, inconsiderate behavior, unacceptably strong language, "ninja-ing" of loot, etc.) will be subjected to review by Officers, and subject to demotion or even removal from the guild.


Loot System

Officer/Class lead loot council


Vanity items

Vanity items, Are a free roll to raid memebers.


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After acceptance into the guild, you will be required to reread these policies and acknowledge them with a /signed reply on our Members forum Idiocracy Raiding Guidelines thread.

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